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Sydney Celebrates Chinese New Year with Terracotta Warrior Lanterns
   2015-02-22 19:47:26    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Mao

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A man poses for photos with a lantern in the shape of Chinese Terracotta Warriors, which is lit up to celebrate the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year, in Sydney, Australia, on Feb. 13, 2015. [Photo: Xinhua/Jin Linpeng]

Sydney hosts the largest festival to mark the Chinese New Year festival outside China. This month, 90 lanterns shaped like the famous Terracotta Warriors have been lit up in the iconic Sydney Harbor area to welcome the lunar New Year.

Our correspondent Wang Xiao has the story.


The lantern warriors lit up in red, green, yellow and blue, are accurate replicas of the original Chinese Terracotta warriors. They stand 2 meters tall and are fashioned out of fiber and wire.

The artwork was created for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 by a team of Chinese artists. It was inspired by the army of terracotta warriors uncovered in the tomb of China's first Emperor in 1974. The lanterns were made using traditional lantern-making techniques.

This year, the same team was invited to bring the lanterns to Australia. Sydney's mayor Clover Moore said that Sydneysiders and visitors will be captivated by the lanterns which will complement the iconic view of the stunning Sydney harbour and the Opera House. The lanterns were the top highlight of a string of celebrations there to welcome the year of the sheep.

"People born in the year of sheep are said to be clever, tender, polite, creative and compassionate. How many of you, put your hands up if you are born in the year of sheep? I see a lots of people. Well done."

The massive installations have attracted thousands of visitors. Mrs Zhao from China is married to an Australian local and has a 2 year old son. She had come with her family to see the lanterns.

"We want to celebrate Chinese New Year. it's amazing that we have lanterns of terracotta warriors in Sydney. We have specially brought Jaden, my son, to see the lanterns. It's his first time to see the terracotta warriors. I have brought him here so that he can feel the atmosphere of Chinese New Year."

Mr. Li has lived in Sydney for many years. He says that festivities surrounding the Lunar New Year is an annual highlight for the local Chinese community.

"Chinese new year activities are becoming more popular. Apart from this, there will be other performances during the lantern fair and a twilight parade in the city, and many other activities. We celebrate Chinese New year every year here. "

The Terracotta Warrior lanterns are among more than 80 other exhibitions and activities being held in connection to the Chinese New Year in Sydney this year. It is said to be the largest Lunar New Year celebration outside of Asia.

For CRI, I'm Wang Xiao in Sydney. 

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